Hi I'm Cyber! I enjoy hiking, crafting, DIY, music, baking, gardening, etc.

I made this site to process my thoughts externally, serve as a time capsule, and share coding guides. More info on these to the below! ⇩

It's easier for me to process things when writing them out and sharing it makes it feel more real. Journaling on the internet feels like writing into the void, and it's strangely comforting. I'll mostly be writing about reoccurring/weighing thoughts with occasional rants.

There are too many forgotten conversations and thoughts. I'm creating a window into a past me, somewhere I can tap into a moment in time.

I'll be posting guides on how to edit sites, as i get more familiar with HTML/CSS/Javascript. I'm a visual learning so guides will be concise with examples and copy/paste code.

Things I'm currently learning/exploring:

I'm appreciative of briefly crossing paths in this vast space. Sign my guestbook and tell me about you ♡

Thanks for stopping by! ☺