Hi, welcome! I'm Cyber, I'm a 20 something year old getting a better understanding of myself. I made this to digitize my thoughts and share music / current interests / coding guides. I grew tired of popular social media sites and wanted a space where I could be more creative with the ways I express myself. It's cathartic to be open and vulnerable on the internet, while retaining some anonymity. Take a look around and sign my guestbook

Site creation is in progress, the site map contains active pages.

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01/05/23 Another delayed November 2022 recap added and December music entry
12/09/22 A very delayed October 2022 recap added, added few more songs to November music entry
11/25/22 November 2022 music added
11/04/22 October 2022 music entry is up!!
10/14/22 added to the vinyls collection page and added a spooky pet to the home page
10/03/22 added my first journal entry!! A recap of September 2022
10/02/22 September 2022 music entry added
09/09/22 added a Collections page
08/31/22 redesigned all subpages and added an entry to my music page
08/16/22 redesigned the Home and About pages
08/14/22 added Journal
08/06/22 added About
07/28/22 added Guestbook
07/24/22 added Home and Site map
07/19/22 site creation